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Your Needs

With multiple sales reps spread across large geographic regions you need the power to deliver a consistent brand image. You need the content you create to be engaging, interactive, and memorable. You need to push out up-to-date information about new product lines and technologies. You need a simple, easy-to-use content delivery pipeline that gives you the power to publish engaging, relevant, consistent information.

Your reps need to reliably replace a backpack full of old catalogs, order forms, and leave behinds with the most current materials. They need to be kept up-to-date on consistent messaging and branding. They need a single, reliable platform for all of their catalogs, marketing materials, price lists, product skus, inventory numbers, ordering info, and workflows. They need a single need a single system workflow for every task in the sales process.

Our Solution

Introducing the Envoy Sales Platform, a tablet and web based software platform with the tools to improve every step of your sales process. Studio, our content creation tool, can transform your static print catalogs into interactive, customizable experiences with image pops, animations, and embedded videos. It also allows for easy distribution of new content and instantaneous, universal updates to all your users. The Envoy Platform ensures that all your reps have the most up-to-date, engaging, consistent materials and tools available.

Envoy takes all the separate catalogs, sales materials, line sheets and order forms a rep needs and makes it all accessible from one place. Your reps will present the most current catalogs, show the latest videos, check current inventory levels, create and share up-to-date line sheets, and place orders - all from within Envoy.

The Envoy Platform makes your content more engaging, your workflows simpler, and your entire sales process more effective and efficient, from content creation all the way down to placing the order.

The Results

Over 1600 users worldwide now have real-time access to product data, inventory information, and brand assets along with the ability to place orders, share content with clients, and create custom catalogs for specific meetings. The ability to express their company’s personality using a robust collection of brand assets that can be uniquely tailored for each client is an client is an experience that has helped them differentiate themselves from their competitors.

When speaking about Envoy a VP of Field Sales said, “Anytime we can take our brand and show it in a different way, a technical way, through digital media, it really helps us elevate their perception of what we do as a running company.”

Because so many of the rep’s needs can be serviced using just an iPad, fewer catalogs are being printed, and fewer demo products are being taken on the road. Because the presentations are more interactive and engaging, they are more memorable and effective, resulting in more orders placed at the time the presentation is given.

One rep remarked, “Not only has it been very easy for me to create orders with my customers, but my orders are on average 25% larger than they were before the app.”

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