Envoy stands apart as the leading platform for turning your wholesale B2B from a utility into a strategy.

Your Brand, Our Software

Your Brand, Our Software

A portal that’s branded to you and driven by your stories, delivering a content and commerce focused B2B experience. You can stay close to your buyers needs and empower them to make confident purchasing decisions. Q

The Competitive Edge

Envoy’s modern approach to ecommerce, combined with our unique understanding of the footwear and apparel industry, means you get best-in-class tools that evolve with your needs and the demands of the marketplace.

Built For The Do-ers

Your buyers and your team have a greater expectation of convenience and control and will gravitate towards brands that satisfy this. The B2B experience you offer reflects on your brand - ensure it’s top notch. Q

Envoy Competitve Edge SAAS

“The Envoy platform has simplified the B2B job processes by leaps and bounds. I cannot say enough good things about the Envoy platform.”

B2B Associate, Envoy User

Increased Visibility

Everything your users need, right at their fingertips. Product information, order tracking, real time inventory, invoices, and more. Give your team and buyers the 24/7 access to the tools and information they need to succeed.

Get Efficient

Envoy makes success easy by upgrading outdated processes and consolidating fragmented systems into one platform. It’s content and commerce together - in one system - for every kind of user you have from reps to buyers.

Envoy Increases Visibility
Envoy B2B Sales

Stay Focused

You focus on building great products and delighting your buyers, Envoy’s expert team will focus on continually providing a modern wholesale B2B platform and hitting your go to market content needs each season.

The Bottom Line

Envoy’s ability to provide self-service ecommerce tools for your buyers and content tools to reps and marketers means your business will lower costs and boost revenue.

“They are super dynamic, listen to feedback and are able to constantly adjust and improve their product, striving for best user friendliness and highest functionality.”

B2B Associate, Envoy User