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A River Guide To Success

Dec 4, 2018 | Mark Troast

Customer Success is often confused with customer satisfaction or “happiness”. But it’s more than that. Our brands are entrusting their wholesale business to us. We don’t take that trust lightly. So we’ve built a department around building those relationships...

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Focusing On Your Customer’s Success

May 1, 2018 | Rod Grandfield

Customer Success is a term that today is still widely misunderstood. In most of our daily interactions we talk about Customer Success like it has been around for decades and is a commonly understood concept. However, what we need to realize is that...

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GR Tech Company Envoy Celebrates Expansion in Upgraded Front Avenue Space

Feb 23, 2017 | Anya Zentimeyer | Rapid Growth Media

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Located on the western bank of the Grand River, the expanded offices of the Grand Rapids-based technology company Envoy boast more than just great views of downtown from its office space at 678 Front Avenue...

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Bring Outdoor Retailer to West Michigan

Feb 22, 2017 | Jon Faber

Here at Envoy we have a strong connection to, and a passion for, the outdoors. Many of our footwear, apparel, and accessory clients are major players in the outdoor industry whose products are used worldwide, every day. Our team also has a deep appreciation...

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Envoy Welcomes New Advisory Board

Nov 3, 2016 | Jon Faber

We’re excited to announce a new Advisory Board as we strengthen Envoy and grow our company.

We’ve spent the last six months building our new Advisory Board, connecting with some of the most influential experts in the footwear, apparel and B2B industries...

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Successful BitCamp Event at Envoy Introduced Female Students to Software Development Careers

May 5, 2016 | Envoy

Envoy welcomed over a dozen local 7th- and 8th-grade female students to its office on May 1st for hands-on learning and coding during BitCamp, a one-day software development workshop led by SoftwareGR.

“Technology is a rapidly growing industry and...

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What’s With The Astronaut?

Feb 4, 2016 | Appropos

Walk into the Appropos offices and you’ll be greeted by a giant image of our company mascot. You’ll also find people that embody the ambitions of an astronaut - confident explorers and technical wizards that also fly the machines. We’ve got whiteboards...

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An Origin Story

Jan 28, 2016 | Appropos

In 2010, Appropos had an idea - team up with Saucony and develop a custom enterprise catalog app. The first iPad had just hit the streets and the time was ripe. We rented an inexpensive office, put our heads down, and created what would eventually...

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Appropos named one of West Michigan's top 16 tech companies

Jan 4, 2016 | Control Systems Inc.

We're one of West Michigan's top 16 tech companies that everyone should know!

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Appropos to donate 44 straight hours of tech savviness to nonprofits this weekend

Oct 22, 2015 | Byrum & Fisk Communications

GRAND RAPIDS – A web designer will donate her time and talent at Give Camp, joining other tech experts to help area nonprofits in Grand Rapids this weekend. Mari-Megan Moore is a user interface designer for Appropos, a global leader in business-to...

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Driven by strong cycling culture, Grand Rapids tech firm donates bike fix-it station at popular Merrell Trail

Sep 24, 2015 | Byrum & Fisk Communications

GRAND RAPIDS/ROCKFORD – If you’ve had a flat tire mountain biking the popular Merrell Trail in the greater Grand Rapids area, getting back in gear will be a little easier starting today.

That’s because a partnership between international technology...

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Mountain bike service station added to Merrell Trail

Sep 23, 2015 | WZZM

ROCKFORD, Mich. (WZZM) -- If you've ever had a flat tire, while mountain biking the Merrell Trail near Grand Rapids it's going to be a little easier to get back to your ride.

The station was opened to riders on Wednesday.

The tech firm Appropos,...

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