Envoy Platform Partners with SPS Commerce

Feb 21, 2018 | Envoy

GRAND RAPIDS (Mich.) - SPS Commerce Fulfillment is now integrated with Envoy Platform. This new partnership combines two of the largest networks of retailers and brands, allowing brands of all sizes to offer a modern, B2C-like self-service web-based order capture method to their retailers.

Existing SPS Commerce Fulfillment clients can now use Envoy Platform to capture orders from their retailers and flow them through the same services and EDI chain that they already have in place with SPS. As a result, brands that typically use SPS Commerce Fulfillment to capture only their larger retailers’ orders using EDI can now capture orders from retailers that may not be using EDI.

Now, brands using the SPS Commerce Fulfillment and Envoy solution can invite their buyers and reps into Envoy to create orders using Envoy’s simple and efficient web- and iPad-based interface, which mimics the B2C ordering process. These orders captured by Envoy flow through the same robust EDI chain already in place with SPS Commerce Fulfillment, allowing for streamlined processing and fulfillment.

Envoy Platform clients have seen increases in order volume as large as 30%, so there is ample opportunity for existing SPS Commerce Fulfillment clients to grow their business by taking advantage of the integration.

In addition, this partnership means that Envoy Platform now has integrations available across SPS Commerce’s business partner network. These range from integrated solutions for small brands that use QuickBooks, Fishbowl, ShipStation, and ShipHero to larger brands that use enterprise resource planning systems such as NetSuite. The full list of integrations available can be found here.

Those new to Envoy and SPS will be able to modernize their B2B wholesale system and strategy. SPS Commerce Fulfillment customers that would like more information should contact Mark Troast.


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