Join a team of smart, creative people. Learn new skills, make great products. Eat tacos.

Walk into our office and you'll find people that embody the ambitions of an astronaut - confident explorers and technical wizards that also fly the machines.

We’ve got whiteboards, an arcade, music on all the time, too many Star Wars posters, and a messy room to make stuff. And with all of this a culture that encourages getting into each other's work, supporting quality through collaboration, iteration in everything, and above all the drive to make every interaction with our clients an opportunity to help them become a better business.

Perks of being part of Envoy

Be Comfortable

Want to wear a suit and tie? Go ahead, get fancy. More of a jams and flip flops guy? That’s fine, we think jams are still cool too. Either way, wear what makes you comfortable, there’s no dress code here.

Food, Beer, Breakfast

We’ve got a cabinet full of snacks and you can usually find a beer or two in the fridge. Random taco lunches. Pizza days. Company breakfast once a month. We try to keep you fed at least as well as Mom did.

Everybody Needs A Hobby

Hobby Days let you take a day off to indulge your favorite hobby without worrying about burning a vacation day. There are three simple rules - don’t leave your team in the lurch, make up the time within two weeks, and don’t abuse the privilege.

10 Paid Holidays

We offer the standard holidays - New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the following Friday, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day - as well as the day after Christmas and 1 floating holiday.

Employee Of The Year

Why have one Employee Of The Year... when you can have four. Every quarter the tiger statue is passed to another deserving employee. This honor comes with the glory of showcasing the statue on your desk, a bag or two of bagels (that you provide), and the unadorned love and jealousy of your co-workers.


We have our own channel on Giphy. Make GIFs, tag ‘em to Appropos, and share away. Maybe you’ll get famous on the internet.

Toys, Toys, Toys

Nerf guns, remote control helicopters, scooters, video games - we have all kinds of fun things around the office if you need to reset your brain or need to shoot space aliens over your lunch hour.

Deli Down the Hall

Forgot your lunchbox? Take a scooter down the hall to the Deli in the building and get a hot, fresh sandwich. Or some pie.

Hello Grand Rapids

Our office is located on the river with a beautiful view, right next to downtown. You’ll find plenty of tasty restaurants and great bars (some of them have karaoke!)

Restaurants/bars we love:

  • JD Reardon’s
  • Donkey Taqueria
  • Maggie’s Kitchen
  • Mitten Bar

Check Out The Team

Good people.

We are hang gliders, drummers, gamers, authors, artists, and enthusiasts. We are programmers, support specialists, content providers, product designers, photographers, marketers, and project planners. We are hard working, dedicated people that love our jobs and are passionate about our work, our people, and the things we love.

Get to know the team you will be working with.

Our Values

Be Good

We are only as strong as our moral compass. Be intentional and thoughtful in what you say and do, strive for honesty, and empathize with those around you. In a nutshell, do the right thing.

Build Trust

Open communication, collaboration, and transparency of intention serve to foster a positive environment. Take responsibility for your actions, be honest, and respect your peers. Every day.

The Golden Rule

Respect those around you. Treat others as you want to be treated, kindly and with integrity. Drive communication with compassion. Basically, don’t act like a jerk.

Curiosity Is A Virtue

Challenge the accepted path, take risks, and keep learning. Step outside your comfort zone. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. There’s always an improvement to be made, or something new to be discovered. Be curious, find it.

Courage, Grit, Resolve

Work hard, advocate your ideas and strengths, and hold yourself accountable for what you do, good and bad. Figure out how to leap every hurdle. Choose to make every day a successful day.

Move as One

Each one of us has an impact on the momentum of the company. Every individual, regardless of role, shares responsibility for our successes, our failures, and everything in between.

Own Your Impact

Take pride in your work and be confident in your vision. If you want something done, make it happen. Push through your doubt and achieve something awesome.

Open Positions

Web Developer

We are looking for a talented, self-motivated software developer to make great software. Someone who doesn’t give up until the problem is solved. This person will work in both an architectural and feature development capacity. Experience with Scrum Agile software development is a major plus. This role will include database architecture, feature development and testing of both existing and new features. Being able to pilot a time machine is a plus.

Skills Desired:

  • Deep knowledge of JavaScript (AngularJS, NodeJS)
  • Understanding of relational and NoSQL databases (MySQL, MongoDB)
  • Test Driven Development
  • AWS administration and configuration
  • Experience with Git
  • Familiarity with Atlassian suite of products a plus


  • Ideally 2+ years of professional web application development experience

If you are interested please submit your resume, cover letter, credentials, and maybe a nice drawing of a spaceship to jobs@appropos.com.

UX Designer

We are looking for a talented, innovative and self-motivated UX designer. This person will work closely with our Product Managers and development team to build next generation software. Additionally, they will work with our clients and user base during the R&D phase, as well as after features are released. Experience with Agile software development is a major plus. This role will include research, wireframes, full designs and sitemap creation. Being able to pilot a time machine is a plus.

Skills Desired:

  • Entrepreneurial attitude
  • Experience with Adobe CS, Sketch, web, responsive and native iOS Software Design
  • Experience with SaaS / Enterprise applications a plus
  • Ability to manage multiple projects and priorities


  • 2+ years of UX experience

If you are interested please submit your resume, cover letter, credentials, and maybe a nice drawing of a spaceship to jobs@appropos.com.