Showroom can satisfy all of your content needs. It’s a one stop destination for your reps and buyers.

Your Content Destination

Invite buyers into showroom and deliver a best in class marketing experience. Target specific buyers, from specialty retailers to big box, and create knowledgeable, informed buyers.


Digital First

Harness the power of Showroom with a digital first approach to marketing. Tell interactive stories to your buyers, track engagement, and empower reps, all without losing the ability to print on demand.

Tools to Customize

Your sales team needs the power to enable buyers. Envoy has the tools to customize and curate specific content to guide buyers throughout the season and ordering process.

Interactive and Dynamic

Producing content with an ever changing product line is tough. With Envoy, design great interactive content once, deliver it to multiple screens and print, while keeping all your data dynamically up to date.

Engagement Tracking

Envoy gives you insights into the success of your content. Monitor performance of your lookbooks and brand stories to understand what is resonating with your buyers.

Interactive-Dynamic - Engagement Tracking

Wolverine | Key Product Story

Interactive presentation for reps and buyers


CAT | Brand Story

Interactive presentation for reps and buyers


Saucony | Technology Story

Interactive presentation for reps and buyers


Merrell | Technology Story

Interactive presentation for reps and buyers


Merrell | Key Products Catalog

Interactive presentation for reps


Bates | Key Technology Story

Interactive presentation for reps, buyers, and in-store


Audience Building and Direct Marketing

Constant, value-driven communication with your buyers is vital to building brand loyalty and inspiring continued purchases. Use Envoy’s direct marketing tools to bring your buyers back into the platform and drive engagement.


Key Features

  • Showroom as a destination for your go to market content
  • Interactive presentations
  • Distribute files to your team on dashboards you define
  • Quickly download product information and images
  • Create and share assortments
  • Gather buyer feedback on your assortment
  • Reps can customize catalogs, assortments, and presentations for their specific accounts
  • Direct marketing out of platform to audiences you define
  • Export catalogs, presentations, assortments, as a print ready PDF
  • Everything in a single destination and always up to date
  • 24/7 self-service access
  • Ready for international use
  • Native iPad and iPhone app
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