Envoy can satisfy all of your go to market needs. It’s a one stop destination for your reps and buyers.

A Content Suite For Your Go To Market Approach

Bring your lookbooks, brand stories, and entire product line into an immersive and interactive showroom paradigm without giving up print-on-demand.

Elevate Your Go To Market Strategy

Our modern paradigm allows for continuous updates to your content, delivered to all users, while keeping product segmentation intact. Maintain control of your brand and stories, while allowing users to customize content for specific accounts.

Envoy B2B Marketing

Tools To Create And Customize

Produce interactive go to market content that looks better than ever and keeps you in control of the story, while still being entirely customizable by your team.

Promote Your Go To Market Content To Reps And Buyers

Keep your buyers up to date by putting your stories front and center in Envoy. Promote that same content out of platform and market directly to specific user types without compromising security or segmentation.

Envoy B2B For your Team


Key Features

  • Presentations are used as interactive lookbooks, brand, and product stories
  • Your team can customize catalogs, assortments, and presentations for their specific accounts
  • Promote your presentations, in and out of the platform, directly to your buyers and reps
  • Assortment planning with buyer feedback
  • Distribute files to your team
  • Showcase your go to market content
  • Export catalogs, presentations, assortments, and merch plans as PDF
  • Everything stays up to date
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